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September 09, 2021

Are Smart Locks Worth It In Greensboro

Have you thought about improving your door locks? As you probably know, you might go the conventional route and install a reinforced deadbolt, or you could choose an alternate route with a push-button keypad. But, if you are looking for the latest in technology, you can get a smart device that can integrate into your ADT security system.

The question is: Are smart locks worth it in Greensboro? Or is this an example of wasting your hard-earned money on needlessly confusing products?

Key Locks Compared to Smart Locks in Greensboro

When evaluating door locks, you have a multitude of possibilities. However, you will find that the majority of doors are made secure by either a keyed deadbolt or a locking handle, a keypad system, or a smart locking system. Engage a conventional deadbolt, and the metal bar enters past the strike plate which is connected to your frame. The bolts can be a door handle lock that’s spring-loaded, which means the door is more difficult to pry open with a a tool like a crowbar. If you would prefer not having to trouble yourself with a key, you can install a push-button lock that engages the bolt through a 3-4 button pin code.

Smart locks are integrated products that is a popular alternative for your standard deadbolt and door handle. Like a push-button deadbolt, you punch in a preset code to unlock your doors. But with a smart lock, you have the opportunity to connect to your Wi-Fi or your comprehensive home security to bring even more functionality. By using a mobile app, you are given the chance to:

● Lock and unlock doors remotely

● Set customized keycodes for friends and family

● Get a phone text when your door is unlocked

● Set limited-time PIN numbers for occupants

In Which Circumstances Are Smart Locks Worth It In Greensboro?

If you just want to use one or two smart locks as substitutes for ordinary locks, you might be undecided on whether they are worth it. It might be nice to unlock your doors remotely, but the make and model play a big role in how reliable they will be. If you go with an independent device, be certain that your smart lock utilizes up-to-date encryption and features a mobile application that gets regular updates.

But you should know, the real advantage of a smart locking system comes if you connect it to your home security system. This creates the ability of having your locks interact with your additional security elements to enhance your protection and make your life easier. For instance, when your video doorbell senses someone approaching your front porch, your smart locks have the ability to click shut automatically. You can also initiate geotracking on your security system mobile app and automatically unlock your doors as you turn onto your driveway. You may even want to set off an alarm if a visitor submits an invalid code repeatedly.

Essentially, a smart lock is worth it in Greensboro if you incorporate it to your comprehensive security system!

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