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Salisbury Home Security Systems -- Professionally Installed With ADT Monitoring

Your home and family are unique, and your security system should be, too. You might just be looking for a simple security system in Salisbury with window and door sensors to help protect against intruders. Or maybe you're looking for an all-encompassing system that includes fire alarms, outdoor security cameras, and remote access control. Whatever system you select, it’s great to know you’ll get 24/7 monitoring with ADT.

An Assortment Of Features For Your  Customized Home Security System

There is an assortment of products you can bundle in your home security system, depending on which bundle you pick. Equipment may include:

  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Motion sensors for high priority rooms
  • CO, fire, and flood detectors
  • Digital touchpad to control the system
  • ADT Control app to operate your system from almost anywhere
  • Exterior, interior, and doorbell security cameras

Salisbury security systems

Security Cameras Allow You To Monitor Your House When You're Not Home

When you hear an odd noise outside or notice your motion-activated light turns on late in the evening, a security camera can help you understand what is happening without you having to step outside. Doorbell cameras are great for letting you see when a package was dropped off or know who’s knocking. And if you want to put an eye on the kids after school when you’re still in the office, indoor cameras can help you ensure they are doing what they need to be doing.

Watch real-time footage and get notifications from all your Salisbury security cameras from your ADT Control mobile app. Keep an eye on your house anytime to check that things are secure - or receive 30-sec video clip alerts if your camera detects extra activity.

Fire, Flood, and CO Surveillance Can Help You Feel Secure

Safeguarding your home from intruders isn’t the sole way to keep your home and family safe. Disasters happen, and it’s essential that you’re prepared. Fire detectors in your home that are monitored by ADT can notify you to not only smoke, but also if the temperature above acceptable levels.

Normal smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can warn your family if there’s smoke or carbon monoxide detected inside. However, a monitored smoke alarm or CO alarm can notify an ADT monitoring station when set off - whether someone is home or not. The monitoring center will then alert the right authorities based on your custom plan on file. You can also add flood sensors to notify you if there’s a leak or faulty sump pump.

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A Well-Rounded Security System In Salisbury Includes ADT Monitoring

When your home security alarm has ADT monitoring in Salisbury, you can be reassured it’s backed by one of the most trusted security companies in the country. When an ADT-monitored system goes off, one of ADT’s many monitoring locations will be asked to quickly warn the correct authorities. Whether you are working, on vacation, or relaxing at home, feel confident that your property is monitored to help keep you and your family safe and secure.

Control Your Home Security System And Receive Home Automation With ADT Control

Every security alarm includes a digital keypad that acts as the hub for your Salisbury alarm system, but you’re also able to manage your alarms and alerts from anywhere with ADT Control. You can set up automated warnings, watch live video of your security cameras, and turn your system on or off. The user-friendly ADT Control phone app is available for both Android and iOS phones, tablets and computers, and can integrate with Alexa and Google Home digital assistants.

You even have the ability to upgrade your home to a smart home with Salisbury home automation through ADT Control. You will be able to connect to more than 5000 product, including thermostats, locks, lights, and more. Create automations like turning lights off or on at designated times, or playing your favorite music when you get home. Home automation can make your life easier, help keep your home protected, and also make your house more energy-efficient.

Professional Home Security Installation in Salisbury

When find yourself ready to get started with your home alarm system, a home security expert will help set up your installation. You can schedule the appointment around a time that is best for you and your schedule. In many areas, you can even schedule a same-day or next day installation appointment.

During your installation appointment, your specialists will recommend the best places to put sensors, detectors, and cameras. Then they’ll quickly get your equipment installed correctly. Before leaving, the technician will make sure that everything functions as it was designed and that you’re syncing with the nearest ADT monitoring center. They’ll also show you how to operate your system and wall panel.

Salisbury home security systems 

Getting A Salisbury Security System Starts With A Quick Form

Simply complete the form or call us at (336) 306-5608 to talk about your home security with a security expert. Once you fill out the form, you will get a call from an expert who will help design your system to match your family’s unique needs. You can then schedule your installation. There are also many same-day and next-day booking options in most locations.